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FQHC 340B Compliance
501 Park Avenue, Suite B
Lebanon, TN 37087
Born out of the observed need for ongoing, entity type specific, 340B Program support, FQHC 340B Compliance Inc. focuses on providing hands-on services specifically for FQHCs and other Federal grantees. The complexities of 340B can be difficult to navigate, especially when many resources available are hospital centric. Now, with the ever-changing climate of 340B, this has become even more difficult to maintain. The team at FQHC 340B Compliance Inc. has an extensive background in Federal Grantee 340B programs and understand what an incredibly vital resource the program is to many health centers and clinics.

By partnering together to improved compliance, oversight, and optimization of a 340B program our services help ensure the health centers and clinics the ability to provide more comprehensive services to those in need. FQHC 340B Compliance Monthly 340B Coordinator Services Include:
  • Serving as an extension of the health center’s internal compliance team
  • Performing monthly compliance reviews of all 340B universes (in-house pharmacy, contract pharmacy, clinic administered medications)
  • Supporting development of policies and procedures
  • Providing staff 340B education
  • Strengthening HRSA audit and OSV review readiness
  • Preparing financial accounting reports (in accordance with 330 Grant requirements for FHQCs)
  • Conducting Scope of Grant and 340B Program registration reviews
  • Assisting in navigating contract pharmacy and TPA arrangements
  • Supporting in-house pharmacy and clinic administered medication processes, billing, contracting, inventory management
  • Drafting monthly 340B compliance and board reports
  • And much more…
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