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17991 Englewood Drive
Cleveland, OH 44130
Greatly improve 340B accuracy in the operating room. The award-winning Codonics Safe Label System greatly improves charge capture and documentation accuracy at administration. Integrated with Epic and Cerner (or any EHR that supports barcode scanning), Safe Label System (SLS) enables anesthesiologists to electronically pass the exact NDC via a barcode scan of the prepared syringe for electronic documentation of the administration in the patient record. Clinicians simply remove an ampoule or vial from the anesthesia cart at preparation and swipe it past the scanner on SLS. A visual and audible confirmation of the drug-in-hand acts as a second set of eyes to ensure safety. As the drug in drawn up, a full-color, easy-to-read TJC-label is presented, ready to apply to the syringe, completely eliminating handwriting. This label contains all of the elements required by TJC plus a barcode containing the exact NDC from the parenteral vial. A quick, hands-free scan on the way to the port accurately captures the exact NDC at administration. Once wasted and returned, the syringe can be scanned again in Pharmacy to improve the waste assay workflow with our newest offering, WasteLog, to help detect and deter hospital drug diversion.
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