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Turnkey Pharmacy Solutions, a SpendMend Company
12180 S 300 E Ste 1644 Draper, UT 84020
Turnkey Pharmacy Solutions (Turnkey) focuses on providing comprehensive 340B program assessments and independent audits. Our 340B assessments and audits provide a mock-HRSA like audit to check for 340B HRSA audit readiness, an analysis of operational efficiency, and identification of the covered entity’s 340B risks (i.e., compliance gap analysis). All applicable 340B requirements are addressed, including (but not necessarily limited to) those associated with diversion, duplicate discounts, the maintenance of auditable records, the GPO prohibition (when applicable), OPAIS 340B database registration, and the orphan drug exclusion (when applicable). The Turnkey team has extensive practical experience managing and auditing 340B covered entities. Turnkey focuses exclusively on 340B auditing, and has done so since it began in 2012. To date, Turnkey has completed over 1000 distinct 340B program audits and compliance assessments for various types of covered entities, including DSH, CHC, RW/HV, STD, HTC, CH, SCH, RRC, and CAH covered entities. Onsite support during formal HRSA audits has been provided for 69 covered entity clients, as well as remote client support for several other covered entities. When necessary, this onsite and remote support has also included collaboratively supporting the preparation and implementation of corrective action plans. All staff members are proficient in various split billing platforms. The expertise and experience of Turnkey’s team members differentiates it from other audit service providers and makes it an ideal partner for your covered entity in maintaining 340B compliance.
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